R3EX is a new kind of experience that combines real-time immersive media and gesture based interactivity, all onboard a dynamically moving robot arm.
  • is designed without compromise to be the most effective and immersive story-telling experience available.
  • is future proofed. The experience delivery system is built around a set of interoperable components that can be separately switched out, upgraded or repurposed.
  • is available in two or four seat configurations. It can be presented as a single robot or arranged in a two, three or four duelling robot array, or for up to 10 in a dome based, circular arena.
  • is a four axis, fully programable system with proprietary seat technology and control systems guaranteeing a 100% guest safety envelope, including full compliance and regulations in all major markets.
  • can be deployed with mini 3D canopy domes, VR headsets (both for 360° Video and interactive use) AR/mixed reality, and is ready for full Holographic environments.
  • has integrated gesture based interactivity built-in, giving riders a kinaesthetic, interactive immersive play space.
  • uses real-time media allowing content to be personalised for each rider and customised for particular events, seasons, holiday periods, festivals, demographics and ethnic cultures.
  • supports rider agency. Riders can be safely given control of the motion profile allowing for piloting through all or part of the ride experience.
  • is perfect for iconic IP driven experiences where a distinctive, even unique domain will enhance and support the development of the IP's mind share.
This new kind of ride will deliver a guest experience that will create a real marketing buzz on social media and high repeat footfall. And because of the uniquely configurable set up, different price points can be achieved depending on park requirements.